Error, Visualization

machined accuracy v.s. human error; predictability v.s. randomness;

I was initially interested in simply mapping vibrations using charcoal on a chladni plate with this project in order to visualize innately natural patterns within a mechanical context. However, throughout the process of creating these visualizations, I realized that my influence in introducing the charcoal itself, as well as the act of taking the piece off the plate embedded human error and influence within the final pieces.

I embraced the addition of human error within these patterns of charcoal and created a set of thirty. With the presentation of this project, there was a desire to arrange them with the intended rigid structures, while showing their new forms that were influenced by my hands. The visualizations on paper started off as flat disks, but with the introduction of moisture throughout the duration of the show, they began to curve inwards, introducing yet another influence — one that of nature.