5. etc.


machined accuracy v.s. human error;
predictability v.s. randomness;

For AGERIÓ, I was initially interested in simply mapping vibrations using charcoal on a chladni plate with this project in order to visualize innately natural patterns within a mechanical context. However, throughout the process of creating these visualizations, I realized that my own acts of introducing the charcoal itself, as well as the act of taking the piece off the plate, embedded human error within the final pieces. Embracing this addition of error within these patterns of charcoal, I created a set of thirty paper disks.

With the presentation of this project within a gallery setting, there was a desire to arrange them with their intended rigid structures, affording themselves a balance between the humanly and mechanically generated. The visualizations on paper started off as flat disks, but with the introduction of moisture within the air throughout the duration of the show, they began to curve inwards, introducing yet another influence — one that of nature.

Direction, Fabrication, Documentation: Reginald Lin


Uses of the Erotic: Erotic as Power

“Now, there are many kinds of power - both the ones we use and the ones we do not yet use, acknowledged or otherwise.”

My own experience to contextualize and process Audre Lorde’s recording of her 1978 delivery of Uses of the Erotic: Erotic as Power during the Fourth Berkshire Conference on the History of Women seemed to mirror Lorde’s description of one’s rediscovery with the erotic — one that created a sense of validity and understanding within myself.

Along with my personal excerpts,  Within the medium of film utilizing Lorde’s audio, I wanted to capture an authenticity and agency from my actors, and thus my cinematography was directed by the actors’ instructions.

These instructions were in addition to the lowered position I put myself in, which visualized their figures as a source of power. Along with these images, their figures were juxtaposed against the ocean, a domain of innate power.

Direction and Videography: Reginald Lin
Performers: Azeb Guesh and Hannah Yi



Using Rajio Taiso, japanese calisthenics, to convey movement within a static frame.

Direction and Videography: Reginald Lin
Performers: Jessica Lin, Azeb Guesh, Angelina Wei, Sam Wolf, Alex Waz, Tyler Yin, Bob Su, and Tori Vouloumanos