1. About

above, created with Playform: Unnatural Selection: AI Portraits by Anthromorph


Playform is a webapp for artists to experiment with and create artworks using AI processes, including GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), without needing any previous coding knowledge.


Some of the major projects I worked on include...

  • System: Developing a modular design system to create consistent experiences for a growing product.

  • Projects: Creating the building blocks of the system. Educating and clarifying different AI processes within the product to someone who does not know how to code.

  • Monetization: Designing and implementing a system of credits, and later, a subscription service, to generate revenue for the company.

  • Sketch: Creating an AI process that is instantly accessible—from artists to school-age children.  

  • Mix: Introducing a new form of discovery and reusability for new and previously created projects.

  • Video: Expanding the value proposition for creating projects and training AI models.