4. Monetization

Designing and implementing a system of credits, and later, a subscription service, to generate revenue for the company.

The company itself started off as a free AI image generation MVP, but to recoup expensive GPU server costs, we had to find a way to monetize the experience.

To do so, we used two different revenue streams to monetize within the product:
  1. Credits for the user that wants to have à la carte training
  2. Subscriptions for users that desire certain benefits to having a membership with Playform

Some key metrics within the year monetization launched:
  • With our first 5000 users, 170+ became paid subscribers—a conversion rate of 3%.
  • The amount of subscribers exceeded our expectations by 3x.
  • Subscribers accounted for over 50% of our weekly active users.

above: Monetizing via training

above: Monetization via subscriptions

above: Monetization via an upsell