3. Projects

Creating the building blocks of the system. Educating and clarifying different AI processes within the product to someone who does not know how to code.

Projects are what artists come to Playform to create—ideas that evolve into ever-morphing image results.

The novelty of AI generated image results is what drives the value of the product itself, and thus, we needed to have processes for artists to create these image results themselves.

With the MVP, Oneiro, there was no explicit project creation as we primarily wanted to test around interest surrounding an AI imagery product.

Users would reference back to their project urls, through confirmation emails that were sent to them. At the time of the MVP, there was no central hub for artists’ projects.

above: MVP project creation process

With Playform, we created an entirely new design system. Most importantly for projects, we created a hub for artists to finally be able to re-reference all their previous projects in one place.

above: Home, the new hub for projects, collections, and saved results

Not only were we able to create a hub, but with the newly fleshed out product and design system, provide other AI processes and the backbone to support future processes. This included having a space for educating users about the types of processes that they would embark with.

above: creating a new project / choosing a process, detailed process pages

above: tutorials for projects

above: new user experience - tooltips for guidance and education

above: new user experience - adding their first collections

Once projects have gone through training, then users have the ability to look through their results, then continue to refine and reiterate.

Initially, reiterating upon these projects meant further training (allowing the AI to run for longer), to get more results.  After seeing our metrics surrounding our projects and a few months of development, we launched Mix and Video to increase the value proposition for users to spend credits to train their own projects.

above: creative morph project finished training

above: freeform project, continuing to iterate with Mix