5. Sketch

Creating an AI process that is instantly accessible—from artists to school-age children.

This began as an AI process that needed to be easily approachable, didn't need additional training, and thus, waiting time for a user's first project. Previously, users would need to wait a few hours before they could get their results, so there was dropoff rate from signing up to actually interaction with generated images.

With Sketch, we could reach people where they were with the implementation of a pretrained model that utilized a new, novel experience of sketching.

Making it relatively easy to interact with and having few functions at first made it easier for everyone to use. This was seen with our tests with older artists, who are a large portion of the userbase, as well as school-aged children, who quickly picked up the technology and began iterating on their own creations.

above: Sketch process tutorial

above: going from starting a sketch project to results to creating your own style