1. About


SimpleHealth began as an attempt to create a better way to receive birth control for people with ovaries. It aimed to target a younger generation with a relatively effortless way to order and renew their prescriptions. With its growing telehealth services, SimpleHealth attempted to branch out from its initial focus on birth control and transition towards care for an individual’s entire sexual health across their lifetime.

My work as a product designer at SimpleHealth was one that not only attempted to smooth experiences for patients but also our PX (Patient Experience / Customer Support) team who worked at SimpleHealth.


I started off with a focus on compliance within our combined design / product / engineering organization. I worked on optimizations within the admin panel to streamline work for our PX (Patient Experience / Customer Support) team (work not shown), as well as a focus on security and automations to reduce workload on our PX team. We also addressed needs from our fulfillment partners, insurance stakeholders, and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to maintain our bottom line. This brought us to tackle:

  • Phone Verification: Securing existing accounts and slowing the creation of duplicates.

  • Refill Consent: Finding a balance between fulfilling the needs of insurance companies, the patient, and the bottom line.

    After an organization-wide restructuring, I became the design owner of SimpleHealth’s clinical flow and its accompanying optimizations. During this time, we experienced the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, the Supreme Court case reversing Roe v. Wade in full—this led me to exploring the space around education in my capacity as a designer. It was a space of experimentation, and here were some major ones I attempted:

    • Upsell: Increasing and maintaining the bottom line through experimentation.

    • Review: Decreasing patient error to provide better care