4. Upsell

Increasing and maintaining the bottom line through experimentation.

SimpleHealth, like many other providers in the birth control telehealth space, provided the option for insurance patients to recieve FC2 and ella as part of their birth control shipments. Since these products were fully covered by insurance and of no out-of-pocket cost to the patient, I was tasked to push for the adoption and re-adoption of these products, especially following Refill Consent.

With its large margin, selling a single refill of FC2 could cover the entire CAC for a single patient.

There were, however, difficulties selling these products, as many patients did not know what these products were. FC2, an internal or female condom, was often a new concept to many of our patients, so not only was a recurring subscription difficult to maintain, but even the barrier to entry to start was often too great. Due to this, our clinical and marketing teams heavily pushed for education around this topic. I, too, attempted to add educational elements when possible in the clinical flows.

The other product we offered for a $0 copay to insurance patients, ella, was also less understood , as many patients were much more used to the over-the-counter formulation of Plan B, rather than this prescription-only form of emergency contraception.


above: Full add on pages FC2 and ella to test for the need for education around products

above: Adding FC2 and ella as last minute addons at checkout

Other experiments:
  • Framing the extras as a gift from SimpleHealth (that they would still opt into)
  • Offering a discount if they chose to get FC2

Design: Reginald Lin
Engineering: Jordan Davis, Amy Pickup, Steven Baughman, Collin Robinson
Copy: Devon Johnson, Reginald Lin